Niechęć’s debut album, called “Śmierć w miękkim futerku” and released in 2012, was met with universal acclaim from the jazz audience, and alternative rock fans as well. Before that they had performed at Open’er Festival and were appreciated by Polish Radio 3 as their ”Hope of the Year.” Their big asset is a fresh and rebellious (that is to say… unhumble?) attitude towards composing and playing live.


At the beginning of April 2016 there’s a new album coming up, entitled simply [self-titled]. The band got out of the infamous sophomore album syndrome by scrapping their material… and recording the 3rd album right away. We can hear the debut’s echoes in the first few minutes, only to be surprised by a completely new and personal story written without words. Dark but romantic, aggressive but full of elegance. Shrill insanity recorded live and fastened in a straitjacket of first-class studio production. Jazz improvisation and synth sounds are effortlessly combined with prog rock and film music influences, eluding any attempts of categorization.











Rafał Błaszczak – guitar

Michał Kaczorek – drums

Maciek Szczepański – bass

Michał Załęski – piano and keyboards

Maciek Zwierzchowski – saxes and keyboards