The music of Niechęć is jazz improvisation and synthesiser sounds, harmoniously intertwined with influences of progressive rock and film music. The band's compositions tell a very personal story, which is dark but ambient, aggressive but full of elegance – in short, a loud smash of instruments recorded simultaneously and neatly put together in a form of highest class studio production.

The band has recorded two albums, “Śmierć w miękkim futerku” (“Death in a Soft Fur Coat”) (2012) and “Niechęć” (2016), as well as one concert album “Live at Jazz Club Hipnoza”. Their music has often been played on the renowned “Trójka” radio station, and the musicians have given two live performances in front of an audience in the Polish Radio Music Studio. Niechęć has also been awarded the title of “Hope of the Year” in the Polish Radio music programme called “Offensywa”. Glowing reviews have followed in various journals and magazines such as “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Polityka”, “Newsweek”, “Wprost” and “Gazeta Magnetofonowa”, as well as on foreign websites, such as All About Jazz and The Quietus. The album “Niechęć” was one of the best reviewed records of 2016, according to the international community of The album was also widely acclaimed as one of the best Polish records of the year. Niechęć has given hundreds of concerts and performed on the stages of a number of music festivals, such as Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Open’er Festival, Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark) and Glimps Festival (Belgium).


Press reviews about Niechęć:


“For this generation, combining different genres and styles is no longer experimentation. It's their daily bread, as obvious as it can be. The trick now is to play it out in a non-obvious way. In this competition, I place my bet for Niechęć.”
Jędrzej Słodkowski, Gazeta Wyborcza “Co Jest Grane”


“This is yet another proof that the young Polish jazz scene is doing great, as opposed to the rock scene.”
Piotr Metz, Wprost


“I highly recommend listening to the concert album “Live at Jazz Club Hipnoza”, which generally speaking only sharpens and intensifies all the compliments that the band has received about their two studio albums. To put it short, what happens on stage in the pieces called “Koniec” and “Chmury” is a statement in favour of recording and releasing concert albums. It is also a great recommendation to see the band play live.”
Bartek Chaciński, Polityka


“The musicians play in a very ecstatic way, they juggle the motifs, sway between jazz, rock, punk, blues, improvisation and illustrative music. But as a matter of fact, Niechęć grows far beyond any categorizations. Warner is now revisiting the series of Polish Jazz recordings – the new Niechęć could very well appear in the series, alongside “Astigmatic” by Komeda.”
Michał Wieczorek, Gazeta Magnetofonowa










Rafał Błaszczak – guitar

Michał Kaczorek – drums

Maciek Szczepański – bass

Michał Załęski – piano and keyboards

Maciek Zwierzchowski – saxes and keyboards